Logistics of transport of people for events

The logistics of transporting people for events: our specialty

Our logistics solution for transporting people to and from your event allows you to optimize the movements of those who work to make your event a success: artists, speakers, production team.

We are aware of the demands inherent in the organization of a large-scale event. Our experience and logistical expertise allow us to integrate perfectly into your organization and guarantee you an optimal service.

Alpes Luxury Cars is thus regularly solicited for the transport of people on prestigious events such as the Pharaonic Festival or the NRJ Music Tour.

Production team during a concert

Manage the complexity and unexpectedness of an event

Vehicle picking up an artist at the airport

During an event, time is of the essence. Each artist or speaker must be in the right place at the right time in order to respect the schedule carefully elaborated by the production.

This is why we anticipate and control all the constraints and hazards related to the transportation of people for events: traffic management, plane delays, weather, changes in planning … Nothing must be left to chance.

We know how to adapt ourselves in order to always provide an impeccable service and a strict respect of the schedules. No matter what.

Vehicles adapted to each event

We have a fleet of vehicles allowing us to meet all your requests and to adapt to all circumstances.

From the sedan to the 7-seater van, all our vehicles are recent models fully equipped to transport you in the greatest comfort.

Fleet of vehicles Alpes Luxury Cars